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  • Quenching Australia's thirst for health
  • Quenching Australia's thirst for health
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Quenching Australia's thirst for health

It’s no secret that Australians have been getting into shape in recent years. From going organic to embracing intense fitness classes, being the best you can be is a big deal Down Under. While soft drinks lose popularity, Schweppes plans to cash in on the health craze with the introduction of Lqd+.



  • Aussies are going organic Aussies are going organic

    When people think of typical Australian food, the image of a barbeque and a beer may come to mind. But with Aussies more health conscious than ever, that barbeque is more likely to be served up with a large side of organic salad and the beer swapped for some low-calorie coconut water.

  • Article image What’s making Australia fat?

    Australia is the home of the tanned, the active and the healthy. But is this stereotype true? Unsurprisingly, no. With long working hours and a steadfast commitment to a busy social life, Aussies are packing on the pounds. In the second of a two-part series, we look at what’s making Australia fat.

  • Wellness is becoming a new status symbol Wellness is becoming a new status symbol

    From green smoothies to coconut water, grass-fed meats to all-natural skincare, Australia is reaching for a new kind of luxury synonymous with the upper echelons of society. Wellness has become a status symbol – the only irrefutable way to make a statement about how privileged you are.

  • Article image Why going Down Under is good for your health

    The travel industry thrives on the pursuit of happiness, but just how far will people go to ensure they are healthy as well? All the way to Australia, as it turns out. The healthy holiday industry is now worth $438.6 billion a year, and Australia is enticing travellers with its ‘wild bush luxury’, ‘indigenous ingredients’ and health-focussed hotels.