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  • Drones set to revolutionise action sport filming
  • Drones set to revolutionise action sport filming
    Arnaud Bachelard (2012) ©

Drones set to revolutionise action sport filming

People have always had their eyes on the sky, wondering what it would be like to see the world from above. The latest aerial expedition hasn’t sent a rocket to the moon, it’s sent a drone to follow you while you make videos that inspire awe. Hexo+ could be the future of point-of-view filming.



  • Swiss Post to trial delivery drones Swiss Post to trial delivery drones

    A future where drones zip around above our heads, delivering parcels within the hour just got a little closer with the Swiss Post’s announcement that it'll be trialling delivery drones to send mail. It hopes the drones will be ready to transport high priority items to your doorstep by 2020.

  • Article image The sky’s the limit

    As city streets become cluttered with advertising, brands are now experimenting in the sky instead. But as drones are often associated with shady surveillance and the sky is still considered to be a sacred place, what’s the etiquette for planting messages in the air?

  • Article image GoPro: turning a camera into content

    GoPro Hero films have been called “mesmerising and addictive”, with adrenaline-packed footage becoming synonymous with the brand. The company is now launching dedicated channels for user generated content. But how has it become one of the most exciting new media companies?

  • Rise of amateur drones Rise of amateur drones

    In response to the expensive nature of military equipment, MITRE has launched Razor, an app controlled drone that can be 3D printed for $2,000. With greater access to such devices, the opportunities for amateur drone culture are growing.