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  • Seniors make better decisions with fewer options
  • Seniors make better decisions with fewer options
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Seniors make better decisions with fewer options

As people get older, they experience a decline in cognitive functions, but does this translate into an impaired ability to make decisions? Recent studies suggest that when it comes to seniors, supporting effective decision making means breaking it down into fewer options.



  • Article image Peapod: American seniors rely on grocery delivery

    Peapod’s grocery delivery service may be favoured by young American urbanites, but its core market is senior citizens. With an inviting interface and reliable delivery, over-65s are turning to the service for locally-grown food and healthy ready meals. Can its model succeed in other ageing markets?

  • Article image How seniors get from A to B

    Almost 1.5 million over-65s struggle to get to a hospital and 630,000 have difficulty getting to a GP. Yet despite being eligible for a free bus pass, a third of UK seniors never use public transport. Gen Yers have adopted Uber and ride-shares, but what tools are seniors using to get around?

  • Study shows driving can keep seniors healthy Study shows driving can keep seniors healthy

    For many seniors, letting go of the car keys and ending a life-long driving habit is a watershed moment. But the potential impact is more serious than a loss of independence, with a new study showing that seniors could even experience adverse health effects as a result of no longer driving.

  • Article image EasyFamily: safe and simple surfing for seniors

    The presumption that Gen Y and Z are driving social media uptake is past; 63% of over 70s spend 11 to 30 hours a week online. But how do you get people familiar with Facebook family banter, Skyping the grandkids and browsing Picasa albums? Will Family Ribbon be the business to get seniors surfing?