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  • Barclays keeps an eye on the future of finance
  • Barclays keeps an eye on the future of finance
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Barclays keeps an eye on the future of finance

In the centre of New York, an 11,000 square foot open-plan space accommodates a plethora of young professionals who talk, laugh and work with their heads together over laptops. This is Rise, the latest space Barclays has opened in which to incubate the most innovative of fintech start-ups.



  • Article image Amazon Launchpad: giving start-ups a leg-up

    For many aspiring entrepreneurs delivery logistics can be just as tricky as conceptualising a service or manufacturing a product. Can Amazon Launchpad – a new platform for showcasing items and handling sales and delivery – make it easier for start-ups to get off the ground?

  • Banking is about to have an ‘uber moment’ Banking is about to have an ‘uber moment’

    Travel agents were put out of business by sites like Expedia, while black cabs are currently being threatened by app-based taxi service Uber. Is it time for the banking industry to be disrupted by mobile start-ups, too? Or is a bank in an app taking it too far for security-conscious consumers?

  • Article image What happens when 'indie' goes mainstream?

    Despite its humble origins in punk music, indie is now huge. From quirky film Juno, which had an indie aesthetic but made over $230 million, to art-house ads commissioned by an ice cream giant, what does indie mean today? And how can big brands successfully tap into it?

  • Article image Distill Ventures: bottling the craft spirits movement

    Just like beer before it, spirits are getting the craft treatment. Tapping into the emphasis on quality over quantity, Diageo has launched an accelerator programme to raise the next generation of craft distilleries. But why isn’t Diageo just creating its own premium brand?