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  • How ‘purposeful Darwinism’ reflects modern work
  • How ‘purposeful Darwinism’ reflects modern work
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How ‘purposeful Darwinism’ reflects modern work

“Amazon is where overachievers go to feel bad about themselves,” says Noelle Barnes, who worked at the tech giant for nine years. This is a saying that circulates around the company’s campus, and following an exposé by The New York Times, it’s come under fire for its punishing work culture.



  • Google wants people to manage their time better Google wants people to manage their time better

    In a work-centric society, a full calendar is a more desirable status symbol than any material possession. In order to increase our productivity we need to reinvent the way we manage our time. With the acquisition of Timeful, Google introduces artificial intelligence to our personal schedules.

  • Article image Who wants to work in an office?

    The office is changing. New technology means employees are more mobile, affecting the physical and cultural dynamics. By 2020, freelancers will make up 40% of the workforce, and rent-an-office spaces and cafés are meeting this new need. So what will the office of the future look like?

  • Article image Is work the new religion?

    As having a strong work ethic is increasingly valued and respected, being hard-working no longer means you’re a geek. On the contrary, it's becoming a preferable lifestyle choice.

  • Article image Extended family: why Google is 'the world's best place to work'

    Whether it's a monthly barbecue served by the boss or a gaming suite in the office, smart businesses like Google are motivating their millennial workforce with more perks, not just more money.