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  • Latino businesses unite to defy Trump
  • Latino businesses unite to defy Trump
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Latino businesses unite to defy Trump

Would-be president Donald Trump might think of himself as an astute businessman, but when he described Mexican immigrants as drug dealers and rapists he wasn’t just being racist, but fiscally reckless. A string of Latino businesses have cut ties with the billionaire magnate in response.



  • Article image Are Latinas the most powerful US consumers?

    In 2013, US Hispanic females had a combined spending power of $1.2 trillion. As their roles at home, in society and in business change, this group’s influence is only set to increase. How can brands use language, cultural heritage and sentiment to succeed with these Latinas?

  • Hispanic Millennials are the new spending power Hispanic Millennials are the new spending power

    The cultural make up of America is changing. Every month for the next two decades, some 50,000 Hispanic-Americans will turn 18. With this group's immense buying power, it's set to provoke major change in the marketplace. Get ready to meet the new wave of American dreamers.

  • Article image Fast and Furious: driving diversity in the cinema

    Eleven years after its debut, the Fast and Furious franchise is more lucrative than ever. The latest is the third film ever to break $1 billion in the box office. But is its success down to cars, girls and explosions? Or does it offer something no other franchise does – a cast as diverse as its audience?

  • Latina: JCPenney's new brand muse Latina: JCPenney's new brand muse

    With plans to close 33 stores across the country after a continued slump in sales, one of America's oldest retailers – JCPenney – has been having a tough time of late. A new strategy, however, is pinning turnaround hopes on a new brand muse: tapping into the Latina market.