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  • McDonald’s to open 100 new German restaurants
  • McDonald’s to open 100 new German restaurants
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McDonald’s to open 100 new German restaurants

McDonald’s has been struggling of late – the golden arches are losing lustre as people eschew a burger and chips in favour of something a little more upmarket. But in the UK and Germany people still seem hungry for a Big Mac, with the chain opening up 100 new restaurants in Germany.



  • Article image McDonald’s Eat-In: slowing down fast food

    News that McDonald’s profits fell 21% in Q4 2015 highlighted how the brand had lost touch with consumers. Trials in Australia and the Netherlands aim to make the brand relevant again, but can customisable menus and more comfortable restaurants bring people back through the golden arches?

  • Article image Nando's: a Peri Peri British institution

    With fans ranging from David Cameron to Jay-Z, it’s clear that Nando’s is a modern British institution. Popular with every kind of diner, the restaurant has nearly 300 restaurants across the UK and has just begun its expansion into North America. What’s the appeal of going for a ‘cheeky Nando’s’?

  • Article image Presto: the perfect side dish to table service

    Traditional casual restaurants are fighting a losing battle against the force of fast casual dining. In a bid to defend it, new technologies are streamlining the experience – from easier ordering to speedier servers. Can tabletop ordering prove a hit with restaurants and customers alike?

  • McDonald’s serves up table service in Germany McDonald’s serves up table service in Germany

    What do you expect from your experience when you head into a McDonald’s? Outrageously long queues? Check. Outrageously low prices? Check. Table service? Wait, what? That’s exactly what German customers can now expect, as the chain attempts to win hearts and stomachs in one of its weakest markets.