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  • Carlsberg launches male grooming range
  • Carlsberg launches male grooming range
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Carlsberg launches male grooming range

Love your lager so much you want to bathe in it? Carlsberg thinks you just might. The brand has released a range of male grooming products, including shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. It might sound like a joke, but science suggests beer really could be good for the skin.



  • Carlsberg thinks you're beer body ready Carlsberg thinks you're beer body ready

    "Are you beach body ready?" asked Protein World billboards of London commuters. While some defended the brand's prerogative to use guilt to advertise its weight-loss product, others have condemned the ads as sexist. Carlsberg has now stepped in to lighten the mood with an ad of its own.

  • Carlsberg to make non-alcoholic beer cool Carlsberg to make non-alcoholic beer cool

    From the gym-goer swigging her mineral water to the Diet-Coke-a-day ritual, Brits love their soft drinks. Choice is ever increasing and the market is valued at £15.6 billion. As people become more health-obsessed, Carlsberg hopes to reposition non-alcoholic beer as a credible premium alternative to ice tea and soda. But will it work?

  • Article image Chubbies: a start-up brand for the neo frat boy

    Anyone who’s seen an American college movie is familiar with the stereotypical frat boy; excessive boozing, scantily clad sorority girls and fierce camaraderie define him. It’s nostalgia for such ‘bromance’ culture which is the driving force behind San Francisco-based shorts brand Chubbies. But how did these tiny shorts manage to unite a ‘bro’-based style cult?

  • Article image Where has the lad gone? And do we want to find him?

    With lads’ mags Nuts and Front publishing their final issues in April 2014, The Sun’s Page 3 under fire, and even the relatively more sophisticated idea of metrosexual man now an assumed norm, does the 'lad' still exist? If so, where can he be found? And is it worth trying?