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  • Why owning a Birkin is still a big thing
  • Why owning a Birkin is still a big thing
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Why owning a Birkin is still a big thing

The most recent incarnation of the classic Hermès handbag costs $14,900. The Birkin Sellier 40 is only available in matte black. It’s 40 centimetres long, takes up to 20 hours to craft and the waiting list to get one is years long. The Birkin was born in 1984, but its aura is as exclusive as ever.



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    Ostentatious logos fell out of fashion a long time ago for many, but according to new research, people prepared to flash a Chanel-stamped handbag or Gucci-emblazoned pair of sunnies could be more likely to do well in social situations. Is the perfect job interview attire really billboard chic?

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    While many brands thrive on the traditional notion of being personable and attainable, others flourish by being 'faceless'. But from Maison Martin Margiela’s undisclosed designers to Muji’s minimalist homeware, how are these anonymous brands faring in the age of the overshare?

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    As emerging economies transform the consumer base for high-end goods, luxury is moving out of range of all but the very richest. The fashion industry is rushing to fill the gap, as the notion of aspiration is remodelled to appeal to a diverse range of consumers – and budgets.

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    Luxury brands often mention heritage, but too much focus on the past can detract from the present. Hermès' 'Festival des Métiers' celebrates the incredible skill behind their current items.