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  • The dating site for ‘monogamish’ couples
  • The dating site for ‘monogamish’ couples
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The dating site for ‘monogamish’ couples

Between life-long monogamy and the dirty business of cheating lies a third option; one that’s being adopted by an increasing number of Gen Y couples. ‘Monogamish’ couples openly take on extra relationships, and recently launched dating site OpenMinded is hoping to help them do it. 



  • Article image Argos ‘Men-gagement’ rings: wedding bling for blokes

    First man bags, then manicures, now 'men-gagement' rings – in response to a modern man who's embracing his feminine side, Argos has launched a range of engagement rings for men. But with many still fond of old wedding traditions, are Brits really saying 'I do' to wedding bling for blokes?

  • Article image Beta-testing: a modern attitude to marriage

    Around 40% of Gen Y think “'til death do us part” is no longer relevant, and more are saying “I don't” to tying the knot. Fusing their love of tech with real-life romance, the Facebook generation is ‘beta-testing’ marriage. But what's driving them to put commitment on probation?

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    It’s been described by Cosmopolitan as “Sex and the City marries Facebook”, but is man-rating app Lulu anything more than a reversal of the online objectification of women?

  • Article image Do you know who you’re getting into bed with?

    An evolution of dating apps and websites, the hookup app is a tool designed specifically for users to get laid and get out. But what does the rise of casual sex mean for real relationships?