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  • People are taking ownership of their bodies
  • People are taking ownership of their bodies
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People are taking ownership of their bodies

"For centuries, people didn’t own their bodies," reads the introduction to a new Havas study. "Women’s bodies were for giving birth; men’s for labour." But today, people have taken ownership of their physical selves, and how you maintain your body is as much of a status symbol as what you wear.



  • Article image Do we want brands to know our every measurement?

    The Apple Watch launched in April 2015 with an array of sensors to measure a user’s pulse, movement and location. Touted as a health and productivity aid, the watch is the most mainstream product to gather bodily data in the form of biometrics. But should brands know our every measurement?

  • Article image Geneu U+: skincare tailored to your DNA

    Everyone has a skin problem – saggy, dull, greasy or dry. Spots are no longer a teenage problem; half of adults have acne. Geneu has developed U+, in-store technology that tailors skincare to customer’s DNA. But do we really want to mix science into our beauty regime?

  • A scanning device tells you if you're healthy A scanning device tells you if you're healthy

    Thanks to the internet, being a hypochondriac is easier than ever, and the worry that it's caused is, ironically, unhealthy. A new, high-tech health assessment by The Organic Pharmacy uses a body scanner to actually show you how your body is really functioning.

  • Article image Electronic skin patch: painkillers tailored to you

    In a world where products and clothes are designed to fit every body shape and size, why does medicine still use ‘one size fits all’? Is wearable technology finally advancing to provide a more bespoke healthcare service and more personalised medicine?