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  • Moving away from Cinco de Mayo
  • Moving away from Cinco de Mayo
    Mauricio Balvanera (2007) ©

Moving away from Cinco de Mayo

Colourful sugar skulls, oversized sombreros and vats of tequila; the trappings of Cinco de Mayo are loved by partygoers (and brands) the world over. But does the Mexican festival look the same back home? Or are there more authentic ways to celebrate Mexico's national identity?



  • Article image Bevel: speciality shaving for African Americans

    Around 80% of African American men suffer from painful razor bumps. The most effective solution? Give up shaving altogether. But for those that favour a clean shave, that’s not necessarily a feasible option. Can Bevel disrupt the shaving market and become the Procter & Gamble for black people’?

  • Heineken goes big in Mexico Heineken goes big in Mexico

    Roughly a million Mexicans reach drinking age each year. Heineken is tapping into that demographic as it plans to build a $474 million plant in Northern Mexico – where beer consumption is at 100 litres per capita, even rivalling the heavy alcohol consumption of countries like Belgium.

  • Article image The taste of Waldorf Astoria: luxury hotel food goes local

    With Far-Eastern tourists becoming more extravagant, and Western visitors searching for authenticity, luxury hospitality is undergoing a difficult transformation. The solution, for the Waldorf Astoria Group, is to offer a new gastronomic experience that celebrates the brand’s heritage yet offers a series of new iconic dishes to attract fine-dining travellers.

  • Mexico goes crazy for Dorilocos Mexico goes crazy for Dorilocos

    Doritos might not be associated with local cuisine, but for Mexico’s street food vendors they’re a perfect blank canvas to experiment with. Packets are sliced open and piled with everything from meat to jelly beans - and Dorilocos (‘Crazy Doritos’) are selling like hotcakes.