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  • Playboy's SFW strategy is a success
  • Playboy's SFW strategy is a success
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Playboy's SFW strategy is a success

Most people's first experience of Playboy invariably involves buying one of the magazines and keeping it hidden from anyone else. But the company is attempting to shake off the embarrassment attached to its content by launching a 'safe for work' website, and it's proven to be hugely popular.



  • Article image TALC Magazine: connoisseur porn for your coffee table

    70% of men and 30% of women watch porn. It comes in all shapes and sizes; from homemade to Hollywood. But what about porn for those who prefer their coffee artisan and their music on vinyl? TALC Magazine is closer to coffee table centrepiece than under-the-bed contraband. Is the way we view porn changing? 

  • Buying adult products discreetly online Buying adult products discreetly online

    Despite India being the birthplace of the Kama Sutra, there is a taboo associated with talking about sex. With people apprehensive about buying adult products in-store, they are seeking for discreet ways to shop. As a result, online stores offering adult products are thriving.

  • Article image Make Love Not Porn TV: socialising sex

    In a climate of increased openness, sharing has never been more intimate. Make Love Not Porn TV is a user-generated site that showcases homemade adult films.

  • Article image Fifty Shades of Grey: the guilty pleasures of the Kindle

    Fifty Shades of Grey's success has been attributed to the Kindle, which allows readers to read what they want without broadcasting it to others.