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  • Young listeners fuel the vinyl revival
  • Young listeners fuel the vinyl revival
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Young listeners fuel the vinyl revival

While CDs and MiniDisc players might be relegated to the technology dustbin, as people choose to buy or rent digital files rather than spend money on physical music, vinyl records have experienced a resurgence. And it's being fuelled largely by music fans under the age of 35.



  • Article image BeoSound Moment: revolutionising home audio

    Over 28 million people pay for a music subscription. The consumption of music has changed; Gen Y has experienced the rise of digital music downloads and the downfall of CDs. Bang & Olufsen is now aiming to streamline and personalise home listening with BeoSound Moment. But how?

  • Article image PonoPlayer: music for real connoisseurs

    Neil Young's new HD music player, PonoPlayer, surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $800,000 just hours after launching. But can people really tell the difference in sound quality, or is it purely psychological? And how will its Toblerone shape fit in our flexible, sleek world?

  • Article image Vinyl revival

    Vinyl sales in the UK and US have seen a slight rise in the last four years, small but significant.