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  • The New York Times gets Instagram
  • The New York Times gets Instagram
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The New York Times gets Instagram

Trying to get down with Gen Y and Z, the New York Times is going all in on Instagram. From food to fashion, each of its teams has its own newsfeed and a main account will act as a hub between them. But will a leading print publisher translate well to the image-heavy social network?



  • Coda changes the way we consume news Coda changes the way we consume news

    The way we consume the news has always focused on how much we know, rather than how well we know. News platform Coda is hoping to change that by curating news stories in a way which helps you keep track of long-term crises in a more in-depth fashion.

  • Article image Guardian Midland Goods Shed: experience a newspaper in 3D

    With newspaper sales continuing to fall, the news industry is facing a crisis. How do you sell the news if everyone expects it for free? Can The Guardian sell the ‘world’s leading liberal voice’ through workshops, lectures and coffee? And where is its place in the digital revolution?

  • New York Times embraces streaming New York Times embraces streaming

    These days, any event, be it significant or minor, is available to 'stream' through social media. From wars to traffic jams, it's almost guaranteed that someone, somewhere will be live tweeting or Vine-ing it. The New York Times has announced 'Watching'  a new stream format addition to its homepage.

  • Article image Evolving the magazine: how publishers are diversifying

    'Print is dead' – or is it? Adapting to a complex digital landscape, publishers are finding new ways to extend the brand.