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  • Adult toys gain wider acceptance
  • Adult toys gain wider acceptance
    Todd Mecklem (2013) ©

Adult toys gain wider acceptance

When Fifty Shades of Grey was first published in 2012 it opened up a whole new market for the sex toy industry. But with the film adaption hitting screens over Valentine's Day weekend, adult products are moving from sex-orientated websites to mainstream retailers.



  • Article image TALC Magazine: connoisseur porn for your coffee table

    70% of men and 30% of women watch porn. It comes in all shapes and sizes; from homemade to Hollywood. But what about porn for those who prefer their coffee artisan and their music on vinyl? TALC Magazine is closer to coffee table centrepiece than under-the-bed contraband. Is the way we view porn changing? 

  • Article image Do you know who you’re getting into bed with?

    An evolution of dating apps and websites, the hookup app is a tool designed specifically for users to get laid and get out. But what does the rise of casual sex mean for real relationships?

  • Article image Make Love Not Porn TV: socialising sex

    In a climate of increased openness, sharing has never been more intimate. Make Love Not Porn TV is a user-generated site that showcases homemade adult films.

  • Article image Dark and dirty: erotica mainstreaming

    Hedonism is taking a dark and dirty twist: seedy is cool, erotica is mainstream, and taboos are being overturned. But in these fantasy worlds, are we really as liberal as we think we are?