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  • Germany digitising the autobahn
  • Germany digitising the autobahn
    Daimler AG (2014) ©

Germany digitising the autobahn

Fuelled by competition from Google and the rest of Silicon Valley behind it, the German Ministry of Transport is opening up the autobahn to self-driving vehicles. Described as the "digitised autobahn", car makers will be allowed to test autonomous vehicles in a separate lane.



  • Mercedes imagines the car as a luxury lounge

    Mercedes imagines the car as a luxury lounge

    Third spaces - those between the home and workplace - are becoming the next frontiers for developers. Mercedes-Benz believes that in the future its fully autonomous luxury cars will be the ultimate third space – a place to hold business meetings or just relax and hang out.

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    Tesla Autopilot: an automatic car cult

    Tesla didn’t set out just to challenge the automotive sector – it wants to change it. It ranks in the top five brands among motor enthusiasts, and celebrity fans of Tesla include Jay-Z, Ben Affleck and Jay Leno. But how has an electric car company become a cool cult brand?

  • Driverless cars could be ideal for seniors

    Driverless cars could be ideal for seniors

    While young adults often occupy the roles of early technological adopters, some are predicting that the over-50s will be the demographic most interested in driverless cars. Could these vehicles first and foremost help those with mobility issues?

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    DriveNow: Germany's convenient car-sharing

    As Millennials increasingly perceive ownership as a burden, car-sharing companies like DriveNow are changing the game. From Dusseldorf to Munich, they’re catering to an ever-growing percentage of young Germans for whom owning a car is no longer a viable or ‘cool’ thing to do.