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  • Disney's love letter to Japan
  • Disney's love letter to Japan
    Disney (2014) ©

Disney's love letter to Japan

Disney’s latest feature Big Hero 6 isn’t your average superhero movie. In a marked departure from the American-as-apple-pie superbrand, the 3D adventure blends Japanese and American elements to create a unique celebration of cultural exchange between East and West.



  • US Millennials fall in love with Korean TV US Millennials fall in love with Korean TV

    DramaFever, the largest US importer of Korean prime-time drama, has reported a rapid rise in Millennial viewers. And it’s non-Korean-speakers who are proving the biggest fans. So what’s making a generation of young Americans embrace K-pop culture with subtitles?

  • Disney's 'Frozen' spurs Japanese feminism Disney's 'Frozen' spurs Japanese feminism

    Swapping the passive Disney Princess for two powerful female leads has helped Disney's Frozen become a global phenomenon. In Japan, where sexism prevails, the film's popularity has soared as it connects with a new generation of women.

  • Article image Why is China obsessed with K-pop?

    Korean entertainment and culture are seeing a strong revival in China. And it’s not only strengthening Korea’s economic influence and solidifying its position as Asia’s arbiter of culture, but transforming Chinese identity and consumer behaviour across the spectrum.

  • Article image How new superheroes are fighting oppression

    Comic book heroes are becoming a medium through which to discuss sensitive social issues. And from Kamala Khan to the Burka Avenger, leading the march is an army of powerful Muslim women.