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  • Brazil suffering a tech-talent shortage
  • Brazil suffering a tech-talent shortage
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Brazil suffering a tech-talent shortage

With a population of 200 million, Brazil is one of the biggest internet markets in the world, hosting scores of companies devoted to social media, digital advertising, e-commerce and other online businesses. But when it comes to finding tech-talent, the country falls short.



  • Kids in Brazil learn before play Kids in Brazil learn before play

    At age 5, around half of children go online every day, increasing to about two thirds by 8. By the time kids reach adolescence, 95% are on smartphones and tablets. In Brazil, an app from telco brand Vivo ensures that kids learn a little before they dive into a digital playground.

  • Article image WhatsApp: Brazil’s digital version of a noisy family meal

    Nearly 60% of Brazilians feel they aren't spending enough quality time with their family. Stories, fights and gossip were once shared around the dinner table, but now these interactions often happen over Facebook and email. Does the family that WhatsApps together stay together?

  • Article image Why super social Brazilians love ‘Face’

    Social media has found a fertile environment amongst highly sociable Brazilians. The nation has openly embraced these platforms and is fully engaged – people in Brazil typically spend 12 hours a month on Facebook, almost twice the global average. But what's driving this uptake?

  • Article image Claro: freeing Brazilian social media

    Brazil is rapidly gaining a reputation as South America's most social media-savvy country. Responding to the shift, telecoms company Claro is offering free access to Twitter.