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  • Ad agency designs lesbian emojis
  • Ad agency designs lesbian emojis
    Florencia Perrone (2013) ©

Ad agency designs lesbian emojis

In 2014, a filmmaker retold Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’ through emojis. Trivial though it may seem, it serves to demonstrate the vast variety of emojis available to us. And following the announcement of racially diverse emojis, lesbian emojis are set to join the party too.



  • Article image A sector snapshot for communications

    How is tactile technology changing the way we communicate? Why has going off the grid never looked more appealling? Why do we want to speak to our doctors at the touch of a button? And have emoticons become a language that everyone can understand?

  • Article image How emojis make digital communication more human

    With just 7% of communication being attributed to spoken words, and the remainder down to body language and tone of voice, it’s easy to see why communicating online has been described as cold and impersonal. Emoticons, emoji and stickers are helping make digital communication a bit more human.

  • An emoji interpretation of BeyoncĂ© An emoji interpretation of BeyoncĂ©

    Filmmaker Jesse Hill has released an entirely emoji-fied video for Beyoncé's song 'Drunk in Love' - emoticons represent the lyrics of the song. The video highlights the ever-increasing move towards a visual culture across media.

  • Facebook expands gender options Facebook expands gender options

    Facebook has added a customisable gender option, expanding the choice to 50 different terms. Adding terms like androgynous, bi-gender and transgender, Facebook takes a step towards to acceptance for people who do not see self-identity as simple.