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  • Germany wants to ban work emails after hours
  • Germany wants to ban work emails after hours
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Germany wants to ban work emails after hours

Imagine leaving work at the office. Not an absurd idea, but a luxury many don’t have. With smartphones and constant access to work emails, the lines between work and leisure are blurred. German Labour Minister Andrea Nahles wants to put an end to this with a 6pm work email ban.



  • France 'bans' work emails after 6pm France 'bans' work emails after 6pm

    Debate erupted online when France made sending work emails after 6pm illegal. In fact the ‘law’ was an agreement between unions and a handful of companies. But as the line between work and life continue to blur, it struck a chord with smartphone addicts everywhere.

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    With the number of working parents on the rise, quality time with the family is becoming increasingly hard to organise. Parents are looking to a new source of inspiration for help: business.

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    Corporate IT departments are becoming overwhelmed by the mobile generation, who insist on using their personal smartphones as work tools.

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    I Do Not Work tells the true stories of eight Italians who independently ceased to work and consume, in pursuit of individual happiness and fulfilment.