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  • Starbucks goes high end with Reserve
  • Starbucks goes high end with Reserve
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Starbucks goes high end with Reserve

While coffee has become a staple in the American diet, foodies have elevated the bean into a hallmark of connoisseurship, driving the market upscale. With a $20 million new flagship store in Seattle, Starbucks are following suit.



  • New Starbucks stores 'act local' New Starbucks stores 'act local'

    Starbucks stores have always looked rather generic, with similar layouts and furniture. But the coffee giant is steering away from homogenisation with its next generation of stores, focusing on intense design customisation that often speaks to local tastes.

  • Article image A new breed of connoisseur

    Whether coffee or chocolate, pizza or pencils, connoisseurship has become a pastime for the masses. But if anyone can become a connoisseur of anything, will the concept lose its mystique?

  • Article image Does robot coffee taste better?

    With people placing more and more emphasis on 'true' artisanal creations, can automated coffee-maker Briggo Coffee Haus win over its target market of connoisseurs?

  • Article image Purity and perfection at The Barn

    As terms like ‘artisan’ become diluted, discerning foodies are flocking to specialist producers like Berlin-based coffee shop The Barn, whose pride and expertise borders on arrogance.