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  • Coca-Cola launches premium milk
  • Coca-Cola launches premium milk
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Coca-Cola launches premium milk

Coca-Cola managed to make water premium with the launch of Smart Water, and now it hopes to do the same for milk. The company boasts its drink will be powered up to be high-protein, high-calcium and low-sugar – and it'll be sold at twice the price of a normal pint.



  • Combating sexist stereotypes in adverts Combating sexist stereotypes in adverts

    Misogyny is a polarising subject on the internet. While the catchphrase ‘go make me a sandwich’ has gone viral and the ‘Women Against Feminism’ Facebook group has over 20,000 members, some brands are using the situation for (bad) buzz marketing.

  • Article image Who has time for breakfast?

    Americans spend on average 12 minutes eating breakfast – just half the time they spend eating lunch and dinner. When did the most important meal of the day become so rushed? And how are brands capitalising on our hunger for a quick fix?

  • Drinking milk from a cookie cup Drinking milk from a cookie cup

    In Malaysia, cookie brand Cream-O is trying to encourage kids to drink more milk - by making edible cups made of digestive biscuits. The campaign saw a 19% rise in sales, and the biscuit-based cup has become an incentive for kids to drink more milk.

  • Article image Honest Tea: communicating quality and provenance

    At a time when food origins can be easily disputed, brands are increasingly eager to open up and build trust. Organic iced tea brand Honest Tea has a strong commitment to transparency.