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  • Hiut Denim pays people to ‘break in’ jeans
  • Hiut Denim pays people to ‘break in’ jeans
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Hiut Denim pays people to ‘break in’ jeans

Your perfect pair of jeans are the comfy, threadbare denims you’ve worn for the past two years. Converse tries to replicate scuff-marked soles with its Well-Worn collection, but Hiut Denim goes a step further by employing a ‘Denim Breaker’ to wear-in jeans before you buy.



  • Article image Qcut: 400 jeans sizes that cater to real women

    One third of shoppers say jeans are the hardest garment to buy because it's very difficult to find the perfect fit. Offering 400 sizes, start-up Qcut promises a product that will fit 99% of women, disrupting the apparel industry and destroying one-dimensional body image ideals.

  • Leasing jeans rather than buying Leasing jeans rather than buying

    Mud Jeans is a Dutch service that allows people to rent, rather than buy their jeans. The founder Bert van Son hopes to reuse the returned jeans in the recycling process. Customers pay a one-off 20 fee and then 5 a month for a year.

  • Article image Denim Spa: hybrid fashion

    Denim Spa by Wrangler is a new range of moisturising, cellulite-reducing jeans. Does this herald the onset of a new age of hybrid fashion? And just what makes jeans so desirable anyway?

  • Butler Jeans Butler Jeans

    French APC jeans brand buy back old jeans and wash them, mend them, mark them with the initials of the person who wore them, and sell them forward. The pre-worn jeans are named Butler Jeans after English aristocrats who would ask their butlers to wear their new clothes before they did, so they wouldn’t look nouveau riche.