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  • Unilever boosts social campaigning
  • Unilever boosts social campaigning
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Unilever boosts social campaigning

With a brand-building campaign that draws parallels between historic social campaigners like Martin Luther King and modern-day equivalents, Unilever is encouraging consumers to take positive action against worldwide social and economic issues.



  • Article image Why brands shouldn't talk about values

    Over the last decade, brands have made a real effort to ‘go green’ – and they expect a positive response. But a study by Yale suggests that people are actually less likely to buy if the environmental benefit seems intentional. So how should a brand demonstrate its green credentials?

  • Brands good deeds pay off Brands good deeds pay off

    Recent results of research performed by The Good Relations Group highlights the importance of brands paying attention to the three G's – Good Actions, Good Recommendations and Good Engagement. In the survey John Lewis, Amazon and Weetabix took the top three spots.

  • Unilever’s 'Project Sunlight' Unilever’s 'Project Sunlight'

    As part of its “Project Sunlight” campaign, Unilever is inviting expecting parents to consider the dangers and joys of bringing a child into the world today. Unilever is encouraging parents to share their own stories through an online portal.

  • Article image Shared emotion: Dove's social experiment hits a nerve

    Half of teen girls have avoided activities because they feel bad about their looks. A new advert from Dove addresses low self-esteem, telling women “you are more beautiful than you think”.