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  • Pizza Hut has an ‘artisanal’ rebrand
  • Pizza Hut has an ‘artisanal’ rebrand

Pizza Hut has an ‘artisanal’ rebrand

Fancy a honey sriracha crust or a salad with a balsamic drizzle? These might sound like meals at an upmarket restaurant, but they can be found at Pizza Hut. The rebrand also includes a new logo, delivery boxes, casual-looking uniforms, and a new motto: “The Flavour of Now.”



  • Article image The 4 to 9ers: Subway's YouTube sitcom for Gen Z

    Gen Z had eluded Subway. Teens are watching less live TV, so they don’t see its ads, and they don't like direct advertising. So Subway launched sitcom The 4 to 9ers, and the first season attracted 18 million viewers. But who wants to watch a TV show created by a fast food chain?

  • Article image U.S. Taco Co.: Instagram-ready tacos

    The American appetite for fast food is waning. Instead, people are hungry for experiences. In response, fast food chain Taco Bell has launched an upmarket Mexican-American restaurant brand, aimed at a Millennial demographic demanding fresh, gourmet food in a casual setting.

  • Fine dining restaurants go casual Fine dining restaurants go casual

    The UK restaurant scene is changing, with casual dining replacing traditional high-end restaurants. Following the rise in popularity of street food, upmarket fast food and quality casual dining, people no longer look for attentive service and extravagant interiors.

  • The perfect imperfect pizza The perfect imperfect pizza

    What makes a great pizza? According to Pizza Hut, it's about making sure their customers know each pizza is hand-tossed - so they're adding a few imperfections. Rough around the edges, these pizzas make for a more authentic experience.