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  • Training your phone to recognise you
  • Training your phone to recognise you
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Training your phone to recognise you

Do you always check Facebook over coffee at 7am? People tend to use their phone in the same way, in the same places each day. Software that builds a profile of phone use will soon be able to shut a handset down if it seems like someone else is using it.



  • Article image 1Password: online security made strong, secret and simple

    If awareness of internet security is so high, then why are we still using '123456' and 'password' to protect our accounts? Can 1Password – a sophisticated and simple password manager – be the encrypted answer for the 70% of people who regularly forget their passwords?

  • Are gesture-based passwords the future? Are gesture-based passwords the future?

    Is the best password a random combination of digits and numbers? According to researchers, there may be an even better way to protect devices against unauthorised access. They suggest that the way we interact with touchscreens is so unique it can be turned into a password.

  • Taking passwords more seriously Taking passwords more seriously

    When breaking news hit of the security bug named Heartbleed, it reignited the conversation about privacy and control of online information. It was another reminder that passwords hold the key to our sensitive data, and that we should be taking them more seriously. 

  • Article image Blackphone: how to evade the NSA

    In a post-PRISM scandal world, are encrypted text messages a necessity, or just a fan to the flames of a paranoia epidemic?