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  • Kids get their own premium hair care line
  • Kids get their own premium hair care line
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Kids get their own premium hair care line

Tangle-free shampoos for kids have been around for a long time, but until now there have been few high-end ranges for parents that want to pamper their kids at home. Introducing SoCozy, the first professional salon hair care line targeted at children.



  • Gamifying dental hygiene for kids Gamifying dental hygiene for kids

    Over 78% of adult Americans have some form of gum disease, and in most cases this has been caused by poor dental hygiene. It's important to start kids brushing properly from a young age, so Philips has launched a game, Brush Busters, to help fight the problem.

  • Pampering the beauty kids Pampering the beauty kids

    One of the world's fastest growing beauty markets, the Middle East, is seeing a new trend being spurred by salons: beauty treatments for children. But amidst the child-friendly facials and nail-art parties, concerns from local psychologists are mounting.

  • Article image Mini Rodini: small clothes with big values

    Kidswear brand Mini Rodini combines bright, colourful prints with a staunchly ethical mindset – but as a mid-range label, why is it capturing the interest of Hollywood's biggest stars?

  • Article image Gourmet kids: the rise of Ella's Kitchen

    Busy parents want quick, healthy options to feed their children, but knowing what's best can be hard. Baby food brand Ella's Kitchen is an authority for parents and kids alike.