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  •  More choice makes people value quality
  • More choice makes people value quality
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More choice makes people value quality

Buying a handbag? The choice is wide, from a canvas tote to a leather Hermès. But how does this influence the way we we value quality over price? Research suggests that a wider range of options sharpens the appreciation of quality, driving people toward luxury goods.



  • Article image Is French luxury still alive?

    French know-how, heritage, and traditions are the essence of luxury. This expertise is acknowledged globally – nearly 85% of all French luxury goods are exported. But, with the rise of new markets such as China and Russia, is France still the world’s top reference for luxury?

  • Article image What does luxury look like?

    What is luxury? How does strategy in the luxury sector work? And what can it teach other brands? Marco Bevolo, one of the authors of Premium by Design: how to understand, design and market high end products, provides a vision of the business of prestige, desire and seduction.

  • Article image Why more choice isn't always better

    In an increasingly cluttered marketplace, how can retailers deal with ‘choice overload’? Psychologist Barry Schwartz tells us what’s working and what isn’t in the quest to choose better.

  • Choice closure brings satisfaction Choice closure brings satisfaction

    Choice closure, the psychological process through which consumers perceive a decision as complete and stop reassessing their choice, can increase satisfaction with decisions involving many alternatives, according to the Journal of Consumer Research.