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  • Online reviews are biased by the weather
  • Online reviews are biased by the weather
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Online reviews are biased by the weather

Online recommendations appear to be valuable information sources when trying to decide where to go out for dinner; but what if they are being biased by something as irrelevant as the weather? Researchers have uncovered that restaurants receive better reviews on sunnier days.



  • Article image Who really trusts an online review?

    With over 61% of people reading online reviews before making a purchase decision, it’s even more important than ever to separate the good ones from the bad. But with peer reviews and professional write-ups often having contrasting opinions, who should we trust – and why?

  • Reviewing online restaurant reviews Reviewing online restaurant reviews

    Who reviews restaurants, and what's behind the bad reviews? A study by Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs has found that negative restaurant reviews are most likely to be penned on a rainy day, in July or August, from a quiet suburb.

  • Article image Trusting strangers when shopping

    We spoke to a group of young shoppers to find out more about how they use customer reviews and in-store advice to guide their shopping decisions.

  • Article image Weather affects consumer behaviour

    A new report from Weather Trends International (WTI) stresses the importance of watching the weather when forecasting sales.