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  • HBO Go app goes standalone
  • HBO Go app goes standalone
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HBO Go app goes standalone

In October 2014, HBO announced that its popular streaming app HBO Go - which lets people watch HBO on mobile, tablets and laptops - would break out as a standalone app. A TV subscription to HBO is no longer be required - you only need to sign up to HBO Go.



  • Netflix to woo France with original series Netflix to woo France with original series

    Netflix is launching in France, but not everyone is happy about it. In an attempt to assuage concerns about potential damage to l’exception culturelle - the policy of preserving French culture and talent - it's funding and producing an original French series.

  • Article image What do people need from an app?

    The Apple App Store houses over one million apps. Despite once trying to do everything, apps are now being split into single purpose platforms. But how do people actually use them? And which is more useful – the Swiss Army knife approach or a tailored, single purpose app?

  • Netflix: the best prom date ever? Netflix: the best prom date ever?

    "Hey @netflix if this gets 1,000 retweets will you go to my junior prom with me?" tweeted Chicago-based high school student Muthana Sweis. Despite some initial confusion as to how a streaming service would go on a date, one day and 1,000 retweets later, Netflix said yes.

  • Article image House of Cards: a revolution in programming

    Streaming giant Netflix's first purpose-made series House of Cards reflects the growing power of digital channels and points towards new kinds of viewing behaviour.