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  • Busy parents send their kids voicemail
  • Busy parents send their kids voicemail
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Busy parents send their kids voicemail

Young parents in America not only work more hours than their parents did, but they work longer days than any other country, leaving less time to spend with their kids. Toymail offers a new channel of communication for parents to stay in touch with their children.



  • Apple's advert appeals to 'drone parents' Apple's advert appeals to 'drone parents'

    With mobile devices increasingly being used to support parents looking after their kids, Apple has released an advert for the iPhone showing how it helps people to be better mums and dads. Called ‘Parenthood’, it depicts a full day of typical family activities assisted by the iPhone.

  • Article image LeapBand: do we have to track our children’s play?

    Toy maker LeapFrog has created a watered down version of what every adult seems to be playing with today – a fitness tracker. Called the LeapBand, it motivates kids to jump around and be more active. But do parents really need to be tracking their kids while they play?

  • Article image Learning to play with digital natives

    What kind of toys appeal to the digital natives? Is there any space for old favourites? Volatile sales are causing iconic toy brands to reassess what exactly they sell.

  • iPhone becomes baby toy iPhone becomes baby toy

    Fisher-Price has created an accessory that turns the iPhone into an indestructible toy. The 'Apptivity' case safely encloses the phone around a baby-friendly toy and even includes an accompanying app, provided free by the company.