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  • Pavlok shocks you into good habits
  • Pavlok shocks you into good habits
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Pavlok shocks you into good habits

Brushing teeth, nail-biting, and a biscuit with your cuppa; 40% of our day is occupied by habitual behaviour. There has been a rise in the number of productivity apps tech helping people form better habits. Can electric-shock wristband Pavlok jolt you into action?



  • Hand-cleaning door combats disease Hand-cleaning door combats disease

    1 in 25 people actually get an infection during a stay in hospital, and poor staff hand hygiene is a leading cause of this. PullClean aims to reduce the spread of germs by automatically sanitising your hand whenever you open a door.

  • Article image Can haptic technology replace human intimacy?

    Product design has always considered touch – the ergonomics of a hand grip, texture of a surface, or the weight of material against skin. With the rise of digital, people are looking for more intuitive ways to interact. How is haptic tech changing the way we experience touch?

  • Rewarding healthy behaviour Rewarding healthy behaviour

    Sears has launched a new 'Points for Progress' scheme, letting customers earn points by working out. It's rewarding healthy behaviour to help keep its members fit, with its 2014 Challenge offering $5 in points for every 14 miles walked or run.

  • Article image We Are What We Do: tools to change behaviour

    Environmental change begins with behavioural change, but simply telling people to 'be better' isn't enough.  We Are What We Do's 'incidental change' repositions ethics as a bonus.