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  • The effects of employee monitoring
  • The effects of employee monitoring
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The effects of employee monitoring

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it, goes the famous mantra. More of us than ever are applying to our health and diet  using fitness bands to keep track. But does it work as well in the office? New research suggests not, as employees actually become less productive when monitored.



  • Article image Citizenme: giving back control of personal data

    Nearly 80% of people think companies use their personal data to make more money, so they're reluctant to share it. With over three quarters of people concerned about online privacy, Citizenme gives them back control of their data. But what does it mean for users and advertisers?

  • Publishing your quantified life Publishing your quantified life

    As the number of apps and devices that help people quantify their habits grows, developer and designer Anand Sharma has designed an app to rule them all. And he's testing it by publishing his results for all to see.

  • The benefits of being late to work The benefits of being late to work

    In July 2013, a study claimed that ‘night owls’ more often display signs of narcissism and psychopathic tendencies. The results of a July 2014 survey, however, suggests that cheery ‘morning’ people are more likely to behave unethically in the evening hours.

  • Article image Extended family: why Google is 'the world's best place to work'

    Whether it's a monthly barbecue served by the boss or a gaming suite in the office, smart businesses like Google are motivating their millennial workforce with more perks, not just more money.