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  • Smartphones cause digital dementia
  • Smartphones cause digital dementia
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Smartphones cause digital dementia

We can’t remember anything, or spell properly anymore, in part due to our reliance on smart devices. Neuroscientists have coined the term ‘Digital Dementia’, describing a deterioration in cognitive abilities, usually seen as a result of head injuries or psychiatric illness.



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    Sobrr: deleting the digital memory of the night before

    Snapchat has 30 million active users. What makes it so appealing is its temporal nature: that risqué photo sent on a whim can’t be dragged up months later. Can Sobrr, a geo-located social network that lasts for just 24 hours, change how we interact on boozy nights out?

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    How habit-forming tech gets people Hooked

    Four in five Americans check their phones within 15 minutes of waking, and 79% keep that device on or near them for 22 hours each day. As author and entrepreneur Nir Eyal points out, these devices have the human race hooked - but why? We sat down with him to find out more.

  • Refresh your memory before a meeting

    Refresh your memory before a meeting

    You've got a packed schedule of meetings but can't quite remember who your next appointment is. The Refresh app avoids awkward encounters by providing a brief summary about the person you are about to meet. It aims to put an end to frantic pre-meeting Googling and LinkedIn stalking.

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    Memoro: a memory bank

    Memoro aims to preserve the stories and traditions of those born before 1950 for future generations. Savvy brands are using it to leverage their own True Stories.