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  • ‘No Poo’ becomes popular in India
  • ‘No Poo’ becomes popular in India
    Gabriela Pinto ©

‘No Poo’ becomes popular in India

The Western trend for not using shampoo to increase the cleanliness of hair is becoming more popular in India, due to the movement's celebrity following. But if ‘No Poo’ is catching on, then why do shampoo sales continue to rise by 14% every year?



  • Sachets overtaking bulk buys Sachets overtaking bulk buys

    Egyptians are opting to buy small sachets that offer immediate financial gratifcation rather than larger quantities with bulk discounts. As sachets become popular, they're being used for more and more things, from butter to shampoo to coffee.

  • Article image Haute Air: the booming market for blowouts

    An new wave salons are turning a profit off hot air and ‘girl time’, as women place increasing emphasis on the intrinsic link between looking good and feeling good.

  • Unilever campaign targets rural India Unilever campaign targets rural India

    Hindustan Unilever's 'Active Wheel' campaign encouraged rural consumers to call a toll-free number, which would then call back with funny, engaging content. The campaign was a huge success with an 84% rate of influence amongst the target market.

  • Placenta shampoo becomes popular Placenta shampoo becomes popular

    Tapping into the growing Natural Mindset, a new demand has emerged for products with unusual natural ingredients. After becoming popular with celebrities, an increasing number of mainstream beauty products now contain extracts of animal placenta.