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  • Complex skincare routines in Japan
  • Complex skincare routines in Japan
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Complex skincare routines in Japan

‘Cleanse, tone, moisturise’ is the beauty mantra that most American women try to abide by. They may be surprised to learn that Japanese women have much longer daily skincare routines of up to 11 steps, taking up to 20 minutes every morning.



  • Article image Believe Cereal: a beauty regime in a bowl

    Morning beauty regimes often leave no time for food; over 40% of UK adults skip breakfast. Believe ‘beauty cereal’ is packed with vitamins to nourish hair, skin and nails. The nutricosmetic market will be worth over $4 billion by 2017, but can we really eat our way to beauty?

  • Snacking for healthier skin Snacking for healthier skin

    How about eating, rather than injecting, your collagen? As people become more aware of what they eat, they're turning to foods with beauty-enhancing ingredients. Germany’s BeautySweeties mix natural ingredients with lab favourites like collagen and coenzyme Q10.

  • Future-proofing your skin Future-proofing your skin

    Are you tech savvy or a luddite? Do you prefer to jet set or stick to the continent? And what do these lifestyles mean for the future of your skin? Sk:n Clinics has collaborated with futurologist Ray Hammond to provide an insight into what the future of skincare could look like.

  • Article image BeautyPlus: fulfilling Asian beauty ideals

    Asia's selfie obsession is more prominent than ever, giving rise to beautifying apps that automatically detect facial features, and enhance them according to Eastern beauty ideals.