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  • Diageo fights drink driving in India
  • Diageo fights drink driving in India
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Diageo fights drink driving in India

According to the World Health Organisation, over 1.24 million people die in road accidents every year, and in 2012, almost 140,000 of them died in India. In September 2014, Diageo launched a ‘Road to Safety’ programme in collaboration with the government.



  • Article image Tuborg Booster Strong: quenching India’s thirst for strong beer

    People in India drink to get buzzed. Strong beer, with an alcohol content above 5%, accounted for 83% of all beer sold in 2012 – with that figure expected to rise to 90% by 2019. Tuborg Booster Strong fruit flavoured beer wants to quench the thirst of this growing market.

  • Article image GAYTMs: cashing out and proud

    In December 2013, the law allowing gay marriage was overturned in Australia – spurring outrage, as two thirds of people support same-sex unions. At Sydney's Mardi Gras, ANZ turned its cashpoints into glitzy GAYTMs, sending a bold statement: accept our cash, accept our values.

  • Article image Moët Hennessy: bubbling up in India

    As the Indian middle class continues to expand, Moët Hennessy is creating a new line of sparkling wines made from Indian grapes that embody affordable luxury and the country’s heritage.

  • Unilever campaign targets rural India Unilever campaign targets rural India

    Hindustan Unilever's 'Active Wheel' campaign encouraged rural consumers to call a toll-free number, which would then call back with funny, engaging content. The campaign was a huge success with an 84% rate of influence amongst the target market.