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  • Being debt-free is a priority for Gen Y
  • Being debt-free is a priority for Gen Y
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Being debt-free is a priority for Gen Y

Millennials are generally seen as the risk-taking, hedonistic generation, but research shows that they may feel more burdened than previously thought. Like all other generations, financial security is top of their list, with paying off debts being their biggest priority.



  • Generation Z more pragmatic than Millennials Generation Z more pragmatic than Millennials

    Research says Generation Z, those born since 1995, are very different from the previous generation of Millennials. Having experienced one of the toughest financial crises, they are a much more pragmatic generation - 69% would rather be smarter than better looking.

  • Article image iGaranti: for Millennials who can't manage their money

    In Turkey, popular bank Garanti is causing a stir with its revolutionary banking-on-the-go app iGaranti. As more services go mobile, the future of seamless, social money management seems likely to come in the form of smartphone integration and a consumer driven-approach.

  • Saving up for emergencies Saving up for emergencies

    From the roof leaking to a broken oven, preparing for unexpected household emergencies is the most saved-for financial goal in North America, Latin America and Europe. In Asia-Pacific, 47% of the entire population actively save or invest for this reason.

  • Britons adding to savings Britons adding to savings

    In a 14-country ING survey, people in Britain had the highest share of respondents saying that they added to their savings in the last year. 47% said that they were adding to savings, which is well above the European average of 34%.