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  • Moleskine adapts to digital with Livescribe
  • Moleskine adapts to digital with Livescribe
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Moleskine adapts to digital with Livescribe

In a world where Kindles, tablets and electronic notebooks are a constant threat to the livelihood of the traditional pen and paper, premium notebook manufacturer Moleskine is adapting. Enter the Livescribe Notebook – a notepad that backs up every doodle on a companion app.



  • Evernote Smart Notebook Evernote Smart Notebook

    Note-taking service Evernote and Italian paper firm Moleskine have introduced a new notebook that aims to make written notes easier to digitally archive. Tiny dotted lines on the notebook paper allow photos taken of them to be searchable in the Evernote app.

  • Article image Fifty Shades of Grey: the guilty pleasures of the Kindle

    Fifty Shades of Grey's success has been attributed to the Kindle, which allows readers to read what they want without broadcasting it to others.

  • Moleskine iPad covers Moleskine iPad covers

    Moleskine just announced a Digital Covers line of hybrid notebooks that include a pad of regular, 'legendary' notebook paper alongside a cozy spot for your i-device of choice.