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  • Germans want health-driven beauty products
  • Germans want health-driven beauty products
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Germans want health-driven beauty products

In Germany, “best agers” (consumers over 50) account for 30% of the population. To respond to the requirements of this segment, the beauty and personal care industry is becoming more focused on health and wellness offerings.



  • Brazil’s sustainable cosmetics Brazil’s sustainable cosmetics

    Brazilians have a higher than average awareness of environmental issues, and it’s affecting their choice of cosmetics. 84% of Brazilians would not consume products from brands and companies that do not use sustainable supply chains

  • Article image Julep: crowdsourcing beauty

    Online beauty start-up Julep is an internet phenomenon, targeting women of all ages who are genuinely passionate about beauty products and want their opinions and expertise to count. But what’s attracting so many women to sign up?

  • Article image Deep beauty: doing good, looking good, feeling good

    Beauty brands are integrating cultural changes into new and refreshing ways of crafting a deeper narrative about what beauty might mean for the 21st century consumer.

  • Oktoberfest cosmetics Oktoberfest cosmetics

    Germany's Manhattan Cosmetics is releasing a quirky Oktoberfest collection this September. Its satirical ad campaign features an 'Oktoberfest Gal' in folksy get-up. Who would have thought booze and blush would make a good pair?