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  • Pampering the beauty kids
  • Pampering the beauty kids
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Pampering the beauty kids

One of the world's fastest growing beauty markets, the Middle East, is seeing a new trend being spurred by salons: beauty treatments for children. But amidst the child-friendly facials and nail-art parties, concerns from local psychologists are mounting.



  • Article image Raising a generation of spoiled brats

    Many fear that helicopter parenting leads to a mollycoddled, risk-averse generation that lacks real socialisation – hindering their creativity, success and happiness. But how are parental roles changing? And what can be done to take back control?

  • Luxury for children Luxury for children

    Luxury brands are pushing forward with products and services for children, hoping to catch the attention of status conscious parents. Affluent parents can now indulge their children with bespoke hotel programmes, spa services, and designer label fashion.

  • Article image geoGirl

    Wal-Mart’s new geoGirl line targets 8 to 12 year-old girls with ‘natural’ beauty products in recyclable packaging.

  • Article image Sophistikids: marketing to little adults

    Targeting amenities at children rather than their parents appears to be a new tactic for some US brands, with a succession of hospitality ventures capitalising on the trend for child-centric marketing campaigns with a sophisticated twist.