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  • Foreign brands lose share in China
  • Foreign brands lose share in China
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Foreign brands lose share in China

While in 2013 Chinese customers were saying they “didn’t want anything made in China", attitudes are starting to change. People are increasingly looking to local suppliers and shopping with home-grown brands rather than foreign ones.



  • Chinese luxury worldwide

    Chinese luxury worldwide

    Though mainland China's luxury market is slowing down, Chinese shoppers still account for a large portion of the worldwide luxury market. Could market calculations be missing out statistics like these? Do mainland markets no longer represent a population's habits?

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    The role of foreign brands in China

    Brands from around the world are keen to appeal to China's evolving middle market. But what do Chinese people want from foreign brands? We spoke to marketing professor Lily Dong to find out.

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    Galeries Lafayette: post-corruption luxury

    Luxury brands have enjoyed a meteoric rise in China, but with anti-corruption laws dampening the spirits of conspicuous consumers, shopping habits are shifting dramatically.

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    Aspiring connoisseurs: the evolution of the Chinese luxury consumer

    Chinese consumers are buying up luxury goods both domestically and abroad at an unprecedented rate. But the question remains – why do they buy?