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  • Pokkt pays you for your spare time
  • Pokkt pays you for your spare time
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Pokkt pays you for your spare time

Is it possible to make money from doing nothing in your spare time? Aiming to capitalise on the average of 174 minutes a day spent looking at our smartphones, Indian start up Pokkt aims to give people the chance to make money from doing almost nothing.



  • Sell your parking space with MonkeyParking Sell your parking space with MonkeyParking

    Italian app MonkeyParking is attempting to give people the ability to 'sell' their parking spot in the US. Though physical parking spots are not up for grabs, instead the 'insider information' about when the parking spot you are currently filling will become free is on sale.

  • Article image Living with the ‘borgs

    Technology has become an unparalleled part of every aspect of our lives, dominating our work, our social lives, our hobbies and even our healthcare. But at what point does our changing relationship with technology become a problem? And how do we fix it?

  • Article image Life on autopilot

    A new wave of technological advancements is making it easier than ever to plug into an automated lifestyle, as people increasingly expect to exchange minimum input for maximum output.

  • Monetising mobility behaviour Monetising mobility behaviour

    StreetLight Data buys anonymous data from mobile and GPS services about where people drive, how often and where from to form demographic insights into city locations. Businesses can use the service to discern the right location for a new branch.