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  • Dealing with the stress of mess
  • Dealing with the stress of mess
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Dealing with the stress of mess

Keeping a tidy home means making sure everything is in the right place. But while this sounds easy, a study has revealed the constant struggle people face maintaining this domestic order, and how they sometimes let themselves break the rules to avoid getting too stressed.



  • Article image Hassle: matchmaking cleaners with messy homes

    In the UK, 75% of adults care about their home being clean – but only one in five put the time in to clean at the weekend. Perhaps it's down to laziness, being overworked, or rethinking priorities, but one million more people employ a cleaner than a decade ago.

  • The Uber-ification of home cleaning The Uber-ification of home cleaning

    In 2012, Hassle was at a crisis point – but rather than fold, it compartmentalised its local services marketplace to focus on domestic cleaning. Now the site is launching in the UK and mainland Europe as an Uber-esque service used to book trusted home cleaners.

  • Article image Riot clean-up

    Social networking has been blamed for its role in helping to precipitate violent riots that have taken place across London and other parts of England.

  • Article image Order and colour: Uniqlo as psychic restorer

    Alex Gordon dissects the success of the Japanese clothing brand, uncovering the promise of order, harmony and control in a world of chaos.