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  • Facebook can make people happy or sad
  • Facebook can make people happy or sad
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Facebook can make people happy or sad

Facebook already knows if someone is single or dating, where they went to school, and whether they like Rihanna or Beyoncé. But now the social network has revealed that it can make people feel happy or sad depending on the pictures, videos and comments it shows them.



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    Social networking in secret

    The growing number of anonymous communication platforms highlights the importance and scale of the desire for privacy online. Anonymity has gained a sense of authenticity and safety – and only by understanding this can brands continue to communicate effectively.

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    Backchat: experimenting with anonymity

    Younger generations see anonymity as something that can be surrendered for benefits. Messaging app Backchat initially hides your identity, slowly revealing it as you interact with others.

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    Blackphone: how to evade the NSA

    In a post-PRISM scandal world, are encrypted text messages a necessity, or just a fan to the flames of a paranoia epidemic?

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    The darkweb and proactive privacy seekers

    The indifference of giants like Google and Facebook to user privacy concerns could be driving net users to an increasingly viable alternative; the dark net.