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  • Free newspapers are not being read
  • Free newspapers are not being read
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Free newspapers are not being read

Transport advertising company KBH has released a Rail Users study that claims that over 40% of rail users have not read the Metro or Evening Standard in the last 12 months, and 92% use a smartphone while on a train. Should brands be focusing on mobile advertising over print?



  • Article image The Equaliser: daily emails that fuel pub banter

    More than 92 thousand articles are posted to the web a day. For most people it’s an information overload. In the UK, daily infographic email The Equaliser provides easy-to-digest football facts that “make you the brains of the beautiful game” to impress mates down the pub.

  • Print your own internet newspaper Print your own internet newspaper

    Reading online is great, but it can shred attention spans. Those fascinating longreads too often end up languishing in bookmarks folders. With PaperLater you can save pieces that catch your eye, and have them posted to you as a beautiful, personalised broadsheet.

  • Chinese readers swap newspapers for books Chinese readers swap newspapers for books

    A recent survey of 40,000 adults in China has thrown light on shifting reading habits. Those preferring digital over printed editions has topped 50% for the first time, while newspapers and magazines continue to fall out of favour and books enjoy a surge in popularity.

  • Article image Beck’s Playable Poster: a billboard you shouldn't ignore

    With everyone's attention held by smartphones, static print billboards aren't enough to persuade people to look up. So brands like Beck's are creating immersive, interactive and intriguing ads – like the world's first 'playable poster' that shows the brand's dedication to music.