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  • The restaurant where you eat in silence
  • The restaurant where you eat in silence
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The restaurant where you eat in silence

Dinner at Eat in Brooklyn is no time to catch up on gossip. Or talk at all. Inspired by Buddhist monks, chef Nicholas Nauman is cooking his diners Silent Meals; "a way to understand intention and experience in eating – which is as profound a human activity as there is."



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    A lone diner in a public space draws judgmental onlookers, but with a third of people opting to live alone, is it really that weird? Strategic designer Marina van Goor doesn't think so, and she's decided to tackle the taboo by launching pop-up solo dining eatery Eenmaal.

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    Being bad feels good. Full of intrigue, suspense and backstabbing, ‘alternative’ supper club the Betrayers’ Banquet capitalises on this more despicable facet of the human psyche.

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    As experiences – 'memorable events that engage people in inherently personal ways' – become the predominant economic offering, what are the implications for businesses and organisations?

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    As consumer empowerment comes up against the rights of manufacturers to present their products in the best light, food labelling is on the front line.