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  • E-commerce powers fraud in Australia
  • E-commerce powers fraud in Australia
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E-commerce powers fraud in Australia

Fuelled by the rise of internet shopping, credit card fraud in Australia has doubled since 2010 – now amounting to AUS $200 million. According to data from the Australian Payments Clearing Association, most fraud is occurring online rather than with lost or stolen cards.



  • Could your phone save you from fraud? Could your phone save you from fraud?

    You get a text from your bank – someone on the other side of the world has just spent $1,500 on your card and it wants to know if it was you. It wasn’t, so you text back and immediately your card is frozen. This is the new Debit Card Alert feature from Frost Bank in the US.

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    Square is turning smartphones into checkouts, digitising loyalty schemes and reshaping how consumers spend – without using NFC technology.

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    Ulysses De La Torre looks at the dominant trends in Latin America's fast-growing e-commerce market, and presents an overview of Brazilian online retail.