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  • Bite-sized audio news for social Millennials
  • Bite-sized audio news for social Millennials
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Bite-sized audio news for social Millennials

Clippet is an app made for young people, by young people. Founded by two 23-year-olds, the start-up aims to disrupt traditional news media delivery. Clippet delivers news updates via audio, actively challenging the current preference for online video content.



  • Article image BBC Instafax: the news in 15 seconds

    As the world goes mobile, brands are adapting their offering. With 15-second Instagram videos set to dramatic music, the BBC's fresh approach to news is ideal for small screens.

  • Article image Jelly: a picture is worth a thousand characters

    As people turn away from impersonal algorithms and search engines, photo-based Q&A app Jelly is finding a foothold, crowdsourcing knowledge from the people you know and trust.

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    Following the transformation from print to online news, which saw many newspapers adopt paywalls, the news industry is adapting again – this time for mobile devices.

  • Article image Demand and supply: how communities reshape the market

    Technology lets communities form easily and quickly. From group buying to 'buycotting', people are putting their heads together and voting with their wallets.